Who We Are

The Church of Christ in West Carrollton (near Miamisburg and Moraine, OH)  is group of Christians united by the goal to be simply Christians. We use only the Bible as our source of authority. We are always seeking to better understand God’s revelation so that we may more accurately live by the truth God has revealed.

We are a friendly group of people from various backgrounds. We all abundantly appreciate the patience and mercy of God as we realize that while we seek perfect obedience we have not yet attained it.


Why We Do These Things

We recognize that we all exist and continue to exist because of God’s will. We also recognize that God desires a relationship with all men, but the choices that we sometime maketo selfishly practice sin separate us from God.

Were it not for the sacrifice of Jesus, we would have no hope of reuniting with God. Because we appreciate Jesus’ offer and God’s willingness to send His Son, and accept His sacrifice as payment, we want to live in a way that pleases God.

Because Jesus died to pay the price for our sins, we seek to live not as we might desire, but as Jesus would live. We live to praise God and bring glory and honor to Him.


What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word and is in itself sufficient to guide a godly life. We believe that the Bible is understandable by everyone and that each person has the responsibility to study and learn how God expects him or her to exercise his or her free will in a manner that pleases Him.

We believe that Jesus is God and lived in the flesh on this earth. We believe in His atoning death, burial, and resurrection. We believe that He ascended into heaven and that He will return to earth at the time God appoints.

We believe a life obedient to the commands of God both of things to do and to abstain from doing is essential for salvation. Repentance from past sins, baptism (immersion) to be united in the likeness of Christ’s death for remission of sins, and a life of devoted service are necessary to obediently comply with God’s commands.


When You Visit, Expect…

  • A Friendly Welcome
  • Bible Classes for All Ages
    • Sunday Morning
    • Wednesday Evening
  • Prayer
  • Congregational a cappella singing
  • Bible centered preaching
  • The Lord’s Supper observed every Sunday
  • A contribution by the members is taken every Sunday

         Visitors may contribute if they desire but we do not solicit a contribution from our guests.