December 2017 New Lebanon Report Letter

Bruce Hastings

Jan. 1, 2018


I hope and pray that all is well with everyone. Another year is history. We must all ask ourselves if we gave our best efforts to the Lord and pray for strength to do more in 2018. But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).

In December, I was able to make progress on several projects. On December 9th, I met with the elders of the Overland congregation in Lawrenceburg, KY. I had written them earlier seeking support. They had an extensive list of questions to ask me about my beliefs on doctrinal matters and issues facing the church. I appreciate their due diligence in getting to know someone requesting support. I preached both sermons on Sunday. Carol and I had a very enjoyable visit. Starting in January, they will supply the balance of what I was seeking. My prayers have been answered and I am very thankful. Later, I received a call from a brother in Alabama who had received a request letter back in September. He was getting back to me now to see if I still had a need. I let the brother know that I had received the support and thanked him for calling. Hopefully I will not have any more changes for a while. It takes quite an amount of time contacting congregations and waiting to hear back from them. I can now spend that time and energy on other projects.

Another project I had been working on was finding someone to help me with a website. I was talking with a visitor from another congregation and I told him of my ongoing desire to set up a website. He mentioned that to another brother where he is a member. That brother contacted me and we have begun looking at possible ways to make it happen.

On December 15th, I attended the funeral of brother Norman Midgette. I first met him a number of years ago at a gospel meeting that he preached, and I got to know him better over the years through his family. We rejoice that he was “carried by the angels to Abraham’s bosom” but please pray for his family at this time of their loss.

The Bible studies at the building continue going very well. On Wednesday evening I am still teaching the gospel of John. On the Sunday morning class, I am still teaching the book of Joshua. The Nursing Home service continues going well also.

We were blessed with visitors in November. Several from other congregations, and two from the community. The visitors were especially appreciated as we continue to have several of our members battling health problems and not able to make it out to services. The good news is that Kent Hickey is now clear of cancer, in his liver and colon. Prayers have been answered.

Average attendance for Dec. Sun. BC: 15, Sun. AM: 17, Sun PM: 16, Wed. PM: 16. Average contribution for Dec. $538.

I did not do a theme for this month and closed out the year with miscellaneous topics. In hopes of having visitors from the community on the 24th, my sermon was “No Room At The Inn.” It showed that people did not make room for Jesus when He was born and then went on to show the many ways people do not make room for Him today but shut Him out of their lives.

The sermons for the month of December:

Dec. 3rd A.M. Fellowship. 1 John 1:7

Dec. 3rd P.M. Achan And The Sin Of Covetousness. Joshua 7:21-26

Dec. 10th A.M. Preached at Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Dec. 10th P.M. Preached at Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Dec. 16th Nursing Home Service: Proverbs 3

Dec. 17th A.M. Am I A Pharisee? Luke 15:1-2

Dec. 17th P.M. Lessons From The Bones Of Joseph. Genesis 50:25

Dec. 24th A.M. No Room At The Inn. Luke 2:7

Dec. 24th P.M. Acts 2, The Hub Of The Bible

Dec. 31st A.M. Work of the church at New Lebanon for 2017. Acts 14:27

Dec 31st P.M. Why we persuade Men. 2 Corinthians 5

The weather was cold for the last service of the year (zero degrees). It was a sign of the times Sunday morning hearing all of the church closings on the news, followed up by listing all of the New Year’s Eve activities for people to go to. Just goes to show where the world’s priorities are. Sunday evening a sister came forward expressing she had not given her best to the Lord in 2017 and requested prayers to do better going forward.

I think it is fitting at the end of this year to recap a few of the highlights of 2017. I was able to make quite a few contacts in the community and set up Bible studies with several individuals. By reaching out to the Community Development Specialist, I was able to set up at the Summer Farmers Market and the Sunflower Festival, and at no cost. We made personal contacts with many people through these events. I was also allowed to start giving religious teaching material to include in welcome bags that the village delivers to new residents. This month I included a Bible questionnaire sheet (along with a welcome letter and DVD), to try to help arouse people’s interest in studying the Bible. We had a very good gospel meeting in October with brother Larry Curry. We had visitors attend services through the year as a result of 1) the public events, 2) receiving a letter and the DVD in the mailings, 3) receiving information in a welcome bag 4) personal invitation 5) and by seeing our Facebook.

Locations of the studies included the local McDonalds’, non-member homes and our building. (One of the people I had a Bible study with brought someone else from his congregation to hear me preach a sermon on premillennialism). I also led several Bible studies in a home where members set up a study with their neighbors. I love to teach. To help find people wanting to hear the truth, I continue to post information where allowed in public places, and post on Facebook a weekly “Have Ye Not Read” subject.

I continue to heal from my surgery. My last therapy visit was December 4th and my insurance would not allow any more visits for the year. I have also been dealing with insurance billing problems and benefit eligibility all month. (I am working with someone to resolve the issues). I see my doctor on January 4th and hope to be able to get rid of my sling (I have been in it 6 weeks so far) and resume therapy.

I thank you for your fellowship and support. Because of it, you are making it possible for the gospel to go out in this location. I thank God and the brethren who pray for these efforts and who provide the financial help.

Please continue to pray for my efforts in reaching the lost in this community and my efforts to strengthen the brethren at New Lebanon. Please pray that the gospel seed being sown will bear fruit. God’s Word Will Not Return Void. May we all give our hearts, our strength, and our talents to serve God. And may He continue to bless us all as we continue to serve Him. To God be the glory.

Best wishes to everyone for a GREAT New Year!


Bruce Hastings

February 28, 2017 Report from Christian Asgill at the Priscilla Street Church, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dear brother Mike,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who paid the price on the Cross of Calvary for our sins!

We are blessed by the opportunity once again to labor in His Kingdom for yet another month!

The political situation in our country is growing twitchier by the day as we head to the polls next Wednesday to elect our leaders. There are about four main flag bearers who are diametrically opposed to each other and this has spilled down to their supporters evidenced by the spate of violence which has resulted in loss of lives through the use of machetes.

We pray, on every occasion, for peace to reign during the week to the election, the day of the election and afterwards for the electorate to accept the results! Please do the same for us that the Almighty God will “keep the city”.

Our various classes were held: men, women and children on every appointed time. We continued with the study of the Book of Acts and my sermons bordered around strengthening our faith in God and the conviction of being a member of the New Testament Church amidst the religious confusion in the world.

Furthermore, a special teaching session was organized for the young men and women to keep them off the dangers of “Valentine’s Day” promiscuity. The scheduled date was postponed due to the incumbent party’s rally (marked with violence and theft: snatching of bags and phones) but was held on the next Saturday. To the glory of God, forty-four attended and the Bible provided answers to their interesting questions. (Photos attached)

Stay blessed!

In Him,



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December 10, 2017 Report from Corlan Sorin in Romania

Dear Brothers,

I hope they will find good and strong in the Lord. Today we have had wonderful worship in Severin with our brothers.
The sermons or themes that we have had with our brothers in the period between November and the present are:
– Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus
– Listening to God.
Two weeks ago I had a meeting with the brothers who were able to attend, namely on 30.11.2017 and I had the following themes.

Ion Corlan
What was Jesus’ goal in evangelism?
(Matthew 28: 16-20, Daniel 2: 34-35, 2: 44-45)

Sorin Corlan
What is the preacher’s role in Evangelism?
(2 Timothy 2: 1-7)

Dan Peters
Why should the Lord send out laborers?
(Matthew 9: 36-10: 16)

Samuel Petres
Three Denominational Models of Evangelism in Romania:
Advantages and Disadvantages.
(Luke 16: 8)

How to overcome rejection in Evangelism.
(Acts 14: 8-28)

The main theme was related to:

How to make the best use of our time, evangelizing.

We hope that with the help of the Lord in 2018 we can prepare in advance an assembly with all preachers in Romania and other countries, so we can encourage and grow in faith.

Weekly we have two studies in the Book of Revelation together with My Father and Dan Peters, and Miercurea we have a study of the Acts of the Apostles, and in the evening we together with the Church study the 2 Corinthians book.

For some time I started singing songs at my home, at my father and at my brother Dan at home, and inviting Christians and who wants to sing or learn songs together.

We thank God that we have time to spend with the brothers and it is a great courage.

The family is fine, the little girl Sara has a very agitated period because she gives her teeth and she is very sensitive compared to the big girl Rebecca.

I’ll attach some pictures taken Saturday at the singing class where we gathered at my father at home.

The Church of Severin will send health and greetings to all the brothers there.

Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.


October 8, 2017 Report from Nestor Bermudez in Bogotá, Colombia

Dear brethren,

I hope that this report finds you and your families well. In the same way, I hope that all things among the saints at the church where you worship are well.

I constantly pray to our God for your spiritual prosperity in your activities in the Lord´s work.

I want to share with all of you some of the latest activities I have been involved with in the vineyard where I work.

During the month of August my wife and I visited our children in the US. We visited our daughter Andrea, her husband Carlos and our granddaughter Emma in Dublin, California. Lord willing, in February a new grandchild will be born; that will be our third grandchild.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to share with the brethren of the church in Dublin the teaching of the Word of God.

On August 17th, we traveled to NY to visit our son David and his wife Becky. During our visit, I also had the opportunity to preach at the church in Brooklyn and New Jersey.

Upon our return to Colombia I continued my regular activities in the work of the Lord.

As for San Antonio church, I continue with the local weekly plan, in addition to Bible studies with many visitors. Every Tuesday we continue studying the New Testament. Early in September we began with the study of the letter of Galatians.

On Sundays, I continue having a class with a group of brothers to help prepare them on how to preach and share the gospel with the unconverted.

On September 5th, Paola Gil was baptized, she is 27 years old. About 20 years ago, her older brother was baptized and died of cancer a few days later. She shared with me she remembers being 7 years old and seeing her brother obeying the gospel, and now she wanted to follow Christ as her brother did.

About my work and collaboration with the churches of Zipaquira and Sopo, I continue to travel to these places to continue teaching the brothers and also to study with people interested in the word of God.

September 17th I was in the worship service in the afternoon at the church 20 de Julio and I was presenting the study and the sermon. For me it is a blessing to be able to visit the brothers there and collaborate in their edification.

On September 23 -24 I was visiting the church in the city of Ibague and I was sharing with the brothers there and teaching and preaching the word of God. Thank God most of the brethren are faithful and persevere in the way of the Lord.

Once again, I thank God for your work and for giving me the opportunity to be his worker with your help. May God bless you for your fellowship with me and for your love towards Him.

In Christ love,