December 28, 2017 Report from Christian Asgill at the Priscilla Street Church, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dear brother Mike,

We cease not to give thanks to the Almighty God for His Providence and Protection throughout the fifty-two Lord’s Days He has allowed us to worship and serve Him in 2017.

As we slowly approach the gateway to another year 2018, we reflect on the immediate past and express our gratitude to you for the timely assistance (spiritual and physical) extended to us as we journey through this earthly world. May the Good Lord continue to bless you and keep and offer you more opportunities to do His Will!

The month of December was blessed with good weather which enabled us to hold all our meetings and three souls were added to His Church. The year 2017 has been too wonderful for us at Priscilla Street as we had tremendous additions. All to His Glory!
Sermons delivered centered on strengthening our faith by studying various topics on why we are members of the New Testament Church whilst the Bible classes continued with the Book of Acts.

On behalf of the families that meet at Priscilla Street, I want to wish you all and your household a blessed New Year in sound health, spiritual and physical prosperity!

I have added some photos for your viewing!

Stay blessed!

In Him,